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Clearly America is in a free fall spiritually and morally. The most significant answer is prayer. Let Desperate for Change rally your congregation to pray effectively for our nation.

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LovetoPray.JPGFor a number of years, was focused on the 40-day prayer initiative Love to Pray. Over the years since its release in 2005, Love to Pray has been used by thousands of churches to stimulate their people toward deeper levels of prayer. 

In the past five years our ministry has released five other devotional prayer initiatives. We have found that a prayer initiative (everyone praying on the same theme for a set period of time) is the best method of rallying prayer quickly in a church. Now, this site focuses on providing information to churches and believers on prayer initiatives that will keep people praying for our nation, revival in the church, and praying beyond fix-it needs to praying for kingdom purposes in their lives.

We will highlight good resources to keep you praying in these areas. There will also be a section focused on resources to help you pray effectively for our nation, something that is desperately needed in these troubled times.

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Desperate Prayer Still Needed

Our nation is in a moral free fall. The only answer is God stepping in! We need a fresh move of His Spirit to bring revival to the church and another Great Awakening to this land. The Church only needs to pray!

Here is a 30-day prayer initiative that will keep your people focused on effectively praying for our nation. Many individuals and churches will be praying through it 40 days prior to our elections: Sept 26 - Nov 4.




Love to Pray initiative

Information on Love to Pray

Lovetopray.jpgYou may have come to this site looking for information about using the Love to Pray prayer initiative in a 40 days of prayer campaign in your church. You are in the right place. Click Here for Information.

Because of the importance to America to rally the church to pray for our nation and especially the elections, we used this site and domain name for that purpose until the elections. Now it is dedicated to providing information on holding prayer initiative. For information about Love to Pray, probably the most complete prayer initiative available today, click below.

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